InkPaint 1.2 now available

Luminary Apps is pleased to announce InkPaint version 1.2, available now in the app store.

This update fixes a couple of minor issues.  As described in a previous blog post, there was a bug that didn't show up in testing, but only appeared after downloading 1.1 from the real app store.  This caused the two built-in books (Retro Hero and Artist's Guide) to go missing from your library.  That's been fixed now, so you'll be able to read these books again.

While we were at it, we fixed two other issues we had found.  The result is a solid update, recommended for all InkPaint users.

And if you're not using InkPaint already, why the heck not?  It's the fastest, easiest way to draw on any platform.

Sorceress image from the latest InkPaint tutorial

In other InkPaint news:

  • We have a new "Sorceress" tutorial that should be appearing soon.  (Image at right.)
  • We have a demo video that shows folks new to InkPaint what it's all about.  This is nearly done; just waiting for some finishing touches.
  • We're also reviewing various styluses (stylii?) to see which ones are best for drawing on the iPad.

In addition to all that, we'd love to start showing off your InkPaint artwork.  So if you have something you're proud of, tap the "Email Drawing" button and send it to  Thanks!