New InkPaint tutorials by Sebastien Dardenne

InkPaint has two new tutorials on drawing fantasy characters, by Sebastien Dardenne.

The first is a paladin — a heroic figure armed with an oversized war hammer.

Paladin thumbnailThe 10-step tutorial in InkPaint shows how to rough out the proportions and basic stance, then fill in the details, ink the lines to keep, and finish it with color and shading.

The next one is a sorceress, striking another dramatic pose.  The paladin tutorial is available now, while the sorceress one should be appearing soon.

The same fantasy figures are available on the artist's web site,  However, they were completely redrawn in InkPaint for the new tutorials, showing more steps, and also explaining how to make the best use of InkPaint's tool set.  They serve as a great example of what can be done in InkPaint... and with a bit of practice, you can do it too!

Are there any drawing styles or subjects you'd especially love to see added as InkPaint tutorials?  If so, leave us a comment and let us know!