Luminary Apps Announces Newbie Chess 2.0

New interactive Chess books provide a unique learning experience

FORT COLLINS, July 20 - Luminary Apps today announced version 2.0 of Newbie Chess, a chess program for iOS devices (including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) designed especially for people new to the game.  Version 2.0 adds a big new feature: interactive books by renowned chess authors.

While the value of high-quality books in improving chess skill is widely known, traditional books, whether in paper or electronic format, can’t illustrate all the context and variations relating to each line of play.  Newbie Chess books use the new “SmartChess” format, with each book hand-edited to include interactive diagrams that include full context and nested lines of play.  Pieces on any diagram can be moved around manually, or stepped through lines and variations discussed in the text.  This brings the author’s words to life, while allowing the reader to explore the topic in his or her own way.

“Imagine reading your favorite chess book in a form where you get to see an interactive chess board in place of a diagram,” said Andres Hortillosa, author and principal at Smart Learning, Inc. “It is not always convenient to set up a chess board as a companion tool when reading a chess book anywhere. Besides, books and chess boards are too burdensome to lug around.”  He adds, “The ability to go in and out of nested lines in one screen tap promotes efficiency and speed in our acquisition of new chess knowledge.”

Newbie Chess includes two books built in for free, with others available for purchase within the app.  Current authors include Dana Mackenzie, Bruce Pandolfini, and Emanuel Lasker; many more books are expected to become available in the next few months.

“We are so excited to be offering SmartChess interactive books within Newbie Chess,” said Joe Strout, CEO at Luminary Apps.  “As a relatively inexperienced chess player myself, I’ve already found these books to be tremendously valuable.  The interactive diagrams make them much easier for me to follow than traditional books, and more fun, too.”

SmartChess books viewed within Newbie Chess support all of the visual aids that have made Newbie Chess so popular, including attack lines, hazard indicators, and even piece names for true beginners.  These features can be turned on or off to suit the reader’s needs.  More than just a book reader, Newbie Chess continues to support chess play for zero, one, or two people, with four different human-like AI players available.  In addition to standard chess, Newbie Chess offers two variations (Chess 960 and the Pawn Game) which are often used by chess teachers to sharpen their students’ skills.

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