Hush For Now news

We have just posted a new demo video, this one introducing Hush For Now, our Android utility for automatically silencing and unsilencing your phone.


We've also updated the Hush For Now home page.  In particular, it's come to our attention that some people are confused about where to put "#hush" in a calendar event.  The key is to put it in the event description, not the event name.  Just put #hush anywhere in the description, and your phone will automatically be silenced during that event.

Finally, Hush For Now will soon be available through the Amazon App Store as well as Google's.  I'd hoped to announce that today, but unfortunately Amazon seems to be taking a page from Apple's book — our app has been "in review" for nearly a week.  But keep an eye out; if you prefer to get your apps from Amazon, you'll be able to do that soon!